The Boltz Token: Powering Privacy and Security

Discover the next level of AI processing with Boltzmann, powered by a fully-decentralized, scalable node network secured with comprehensive data protection.

The Boltz Token: Powering Privacy and Security

Discover the core of the Boltzman ecosystem's economy, where privacy is paramount and secure transactions thrive.

What is the Boltz Token?

The BOLTZ token powers the Boltzmann Network, incentivizing node performance, facilitating transactions, and governing the ecosystem. It rewards innovation, ensures security, and enables future features like reserved host availability and revenue sharing.


Empowering Transactions
with Boltz Token

The Boltz Token plays a crucial role in facilitating secure and efficient transactions for inference queries within the Boltzman ecosystem.

Token Rewards for Node Operators

Generator and Classifier Nodes are rewarded with BOLTZ tokens based on their performance and contributions to the network. The rewards are determined by factors such as speed, reputation, and demand for the hosted model

Surge Pricing for Auto Choose Feature

The network employs a dynamic surge pricing mechanism, similar to ride-sharing platforms, to increase token rewards for Generator Nodes during periods of high demand for specific models.

Payment for Services on the Network

BOLTZ tokens are used to settle payments for inference queries on the Boltzmann Network, ensuring a seamless transaction process for users accessing the network's capabilities.

Reserving LLM Model-Provider Host Availability

With future releases, the BOLTZ token will enable users to reserve availability of LLM model-provider hosts, ensuring reliable access for designated customers.

Model-Provider Revenue Share

Future releases will also introduce revenue-sharing agreements between new model creators and Generator Nodes hosting the model, fostering collaboration and shared success within the ecosystem.

Network Security

Node operators must stake BOLTZ tokens as collateral to ensure their commitment to the network's security and performance, with penalties for negligence or collusion.

Decentralized Governance

BOLTZ token holders can participate in the governance of the Boltzmann Network, proposing and voting on upgrades or changes to ensure the network's evolution aligns with the community's interests.

Incentivizing Model Development

The BOLTZ token rewards model-publishers for their contributions to the network, encouraging the development and diversity of LLM models within the ecosystem.

Unlock the Tokenomics Paper

Discover the role of the BOLTZ token in the Boltzmann network.